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5 Tips for Assisted Living Placement for Couples

What if one of your parents needs assisted living, and the other doesn’t want to leave their spouse’s side? Read our tips on finding assisted living for couples.Tips for Assisted Living Placement for CouplesThere are a lot of how-to guides out there to help you through the senior care process, most of them focusing on […]

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Vaccine Ingredients: America’s Dirty Little Secret

By Sarah Carrasco At first glance, vaccination appears to be a life-saving benefit of modern medicine. We are told vaccines eradicated polio, the measles and a host of other communicable diseases. However, as the health of America’s children declines, we must take a critical look at causal factors and commonalities in this population. About half […]

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A simple, invaluable tool every prepper needs

Lately, this column has been focusing on a critical part of preparedness: the importance of community, and what it takes to form one. Last week we saw (on paper, at least) the birth of “the Yakima Narrows,” a specific area defined by discernible boundaries that encompass sufficient people to form the basis of a sustainable […]

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Wife diagnosed with cancer on day her husband dies

(PIONEER PRESS) — Before John Sylvester lost his battle to ALS, his young sons used to ask, “Why can’t the doctors help daddy?” Now, as Sylvester’s wife prepares to sit down with her 5- and 6-year-old sons, and tell them she was just diagnosed with cancer, she wants to say to them, “I am sick, […]

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Birds use cigarette butts for chemical warfare on ticks

(NEW SCIENTIST) — Is this a cigarette habit with some benefits? A species of urban bird seems to harness the toxic chemicals in cigarette butts in its fight against nest parasites – although there is a downside to the practice. Constantino Macías Garcia at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, and his colleagues, have spent […]

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Facts About Current Safety Standards For Cell Phone And Towers

By Catherine J. Frompovich Dr. Martin Blank, PhD, a contributor to the Bioinitiative Report, discusses the health hazards associated with exposures—especially prolonged exposures—to microwaves and their non-thermal radiation waves. Here is a 9+ minute video of Dr. Martin Blank’s discussion on the matter. [embedded content] Dr. Blank, in a less than 3 minute video, […]

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Secrets of world’s healthiest village revealed

(EXPRESS) — A doctor has revealed the secrets behind the “world’s healthiest village”– and there it all comes down to eating less sugar. Cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra – who describes himself as a former sugar addict – has spent years studying the reasons behind rocketing rates of heart disease and obesity in Britain. Key to […]

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