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FDA issues warning letter to “holistic” practitioner offering thermography for breast cancer detection

Food and Drug Administration building. The FDA announced this week that it is taking action against 14 U.S.-based companies for illegally selling more than 65 products that fraudulently claim to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure cancer. Products include pills, topical creams, ointments, oils, drops, syrups, teas and diagnostic devices, sold mostly on websites and social […]

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Faking Peer-Review

Peer-review is one of the pillars of the institutions of science. The idea is simple – have relevant experts review a submission for quality, thoroughness, and errors prior to opening up that submission to the world through publication. This concept, however, is only as good as its execution. Recently Springer, the publisher of Tumor Biology, […]

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Gary Taubes and the Case Against Sugar

Gary Taubes is a journalist on a crusade. In two earlier books, Good Calories, Bad Calories and Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It, he marshaled masses of evidence to support his thesis that the calories in/calories out model is wrong, that carbohydrates are the cause of obesity and most of the […]

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Outbreaks among Somali immigrants in Minnesota: Thanks for the measles again, Andy

There are many harms attributable to the antivaccine movement and its promotion of antivaccine beliefs. Certainly, the harm those of us who have been combatting antivaccine misinformation fear is the return of vaccine-preventable diseases, which is something we’ve seen in the form of outbreaks, such as the Disneyland measles outbreak two years ago and, in […]

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Corrigendum. The Week in Review for 04/23/2017

The faint glow of a 1000 points of pseudo-medicine Selections from Society for Science-Based Medicines Points of Interest a daily compendium of links of interest with comments. There is not enough time to write a complete blog post on the thousand points of pseudo-medicine that show up in my feeds. But some stars need to […]

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Celebrate Earth Day—Go Paperless!

Nearly 200 countries celebrate Earth Day on April 22—a day for encouraging awareness and action for the environment. How can you make your voice heard this year? Let Medicare help! One great way is to sign up to get your “Medicare & You” handbook electronically. If you have an eReader (like an iPad, Kindle Fire, […]

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Separating Fact from Fiction in the Not-So-Normal Newborn Nursery: Undescended Testes in Babies

A missing testicle is a fairly common finding when examining newborn infants, particularly when they are born prematurely. We commonly refer to this finding as cryptorchidism, although by strict definition that term specifically applies to testes that haven’t fully completed their epic journey into the scrotum by 4 months of age. Cryptorchidism, which is also […]

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Overtreating the thyroid

Millions take thyroid medication every day. Is it really necessary? Levothyroxine was one of the first drugs I dispensed as a pharmacist where a patient became visibly upset with me after receiving (what she thought) was a generic version of the drug. The store I was working in had recently changed their labelling to show […]

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Responding to SBM Critics

I started this blog not only to create a useful resource but to have a conversation. As our tagline suggests, we want to explore (not dictate) the relationship between science and the practice of medicine. As it turns out, there is a very complicated relationship between these two things. That conversation takes place in the […]

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