Wildfire Defense

California wildfire

Every year, wildfires race throughout the western part of the country, causing property destruction and loss of life. So far, 21 people have died in the latest series of fires in Northern California with almost 500 still missing; 2000 buildings have been destroyed.

I’ve reported on these events and made recommendations to those living in areas at risk, but the topic was made personal to me in 2016 when my home in Gatlinburg, Tennessee barely avoided being burnt to the foundation by the whims of the winds.

100 other homes on the mountain weren’t so lucky. I’ve driven by areas months that look like a nuclear winter is in progress. The still-breathtaking views bear the scars of the conflagration and will for years to come. A total of over 2000 building were destroyed or damaged here, with 14 people killed and 134 injured.

(ASIDE: As with many

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