Why LBJ’s fight for Medicare sounds familiar

EDITOR’S NOTE: The editors at medicareresources.org have long been big fans of Bruce Carlson’s podcast, My History Can Beat Up Your Politics. This week, Bruce is addressing a topic near and dear to us – the origins of America’s beloved safety net for seniors: Medicare. We’re especially thrilled to be able to be the exclusive publisher of the episode’s transcript.

Of course, we encourage you to listen to the audio of this podcast and explore the archives of My History Can Beat Up Your Politics.

LBJ: “For God sakes, don’t let dead cats lie on your porch, Wilbur!”

Bruce Carlson: President Johnson knew how to make a point. It might not have sounded like the erudite policy discussion one might imagine preceded the enactment of one of America’s largest and arguably most cherished government programs. But thanks to the recording of a crude Dictaphone executive recording system, we know that this …


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