Why Is There More “Flu” This Season: An Uncommon Investigation

By Catherine J. Frompovich

Even with all the admonitions to receive annual flu vaccines, which really don’t protect individuals [1] but actually destabilize human immune systems, along with daily media reports of growing numbers of supposed influenza (flu) outbreaks, I got to wondering why that was happening and what could be involved, since I’m a retired healthcare professional and consumer health researcher to this day whose curiosity prompts that something seemingly is not jiving. Was a new pandemic being ‘trial floated’? Anyway, what’s going on?

From personal experience, the only time I ever contracted the flu was in 1957 when I was young, dumb, and didn’t know better when I was taken and given a flu vaccine where I worked. What a disaster! I almost died twice; missed work for close to a month; had a relapse; the family doctor came to the house daily and told me “never to

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