What Not To Write in an E-mail to SBM

When I started this blog 10 years ago part of the purpose was to create a venue where we could interact with the media and the public. Blogs have much more immediacy than a printed journal, can react much more quickly to the news cycle, and can form the basis of a real-time discussion.

Tracking feedback over a decade also allows us to see patterns in how the public thinks about certain topics. We frequently receive either comments here or e-mails to one or more of us, for example, that take exception to the SBM approach to medical topics. That’s fine, we are open to criticism, and welcome any opportunity to engage with the public.

There is one type of response, however, that has not really changed in the two decades that I have been doing this. Recently David Gorski shared an e-mail he received that followed this format exactly,

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