What Makes Mustard Spicy?

By Dr. Mercola

Everyone has individual likes and dislikes, especially when it comes to heat in their food. Look at the menus at certain restaurants, for instance, and you might find tiny jalapeno icons next to certain dishes to signify their heat level. One jalapeno means mildly hot; five indicate as fiery as they can make it.

A perfect example of a food — or rather a condiment — that’s very popular and comes in widely varying degrees on the heat index is mustard, which can definitely rival jalapenos in the heat index. Some like it hot, as the saying goes.

There are multiple varieties of mustard to satisfy your cravings, but have you ever wondered what provides the flavor and heat? There’s actually a plant known as mustard, a Brassica (or more scientifically, a Brassicaceae, sometimes referred to as mustards) correctly and its seed is the agent, in a

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