What Is Red Cedarwood Oil Used For?

Don’t be fooled by the name, but red cedarwood oil comes from a type of juniper tree (Juniperus virginiana),1 a member of the Cupressaceae or cypress family. These trees, which grow 30 to 65 feet tall, can be found in the U.S.,2 where they are commonly known as the Eastern red cedar.

Essential oils made from cedar trees grown in the U.S., such as red cedarwood oil, are primarily used in making perfumes. These oils are high in both cedrol and thujone as well, the latter often being used to “falsify” sage oil. Red cedarwood oil has a fresh and soft, but deep, woodsy fragrance,3 making it valuable for commercial purposes.

However, if you aim to use a cedar essential oil therapeutically, you may want to consider the Atlantic or Atlas cedar oil from Morocco, instead of red cedarwood oil. Atlas cedar oil is the only recognized cedar

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