What Is Gastric Bypass?

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about what is Gastric Bypass. The most common type of Gastric Bypass is Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass, it is when they take the stomach into two sections and reroute the small intestine. The purpose of the stomach is to help you digest protein, kill pathogens and absorb mineral. He also talks about the effects and problems if you undergo to this Gastric Bypass surgery.

Purpose of the Stomach:
• Helps Digest Proteins
• Kills Pathogens
• Help Absorb Mineral

Effects of Gastric Bypass:
• Problems with Digesting Proteins
• Difficulty releasing the powerful protein enzymes
• Not going to have the capacity to kill off pathogens – unwise to consume sushi, raw fish, and raw meats because if there are any parasites or microbes, the stomach won’t kill it off.

Side Effects:
• Nutritional Deficiencies (Fat Soluble Vitamins – Vitamin A, D, E) – it takes a really strong acidic stomach to trigger or release the bile in the gallbladder.
This Fat Soluble Vitamins are important for Vision, Bone, and Immune System
• Malabsorption – Not going to be able to absorb the nutrients from the food that you are eating to the extent that you did before.
• Increase Risk of Leakage
• Scar Tissue – Serrapeptase is a great remedy and a powerful enzyme to help you break down scar tissue and unwanted proteins in your body.
*Serrapeptase: http://www.serrapeptase.org/serrapeptase-research/what-is-serrapeptase/
• Mortality – .5%Risk of dying
• Dumping Syndrome – Having Diarrhea all the time that has to do with too much bile.

Things to Add If You Have Already Undergo with Gastric Bypass:
• Apple Cider Vinegar or Betaine Hydrochloride – To increase acidity to actually digest more protein.
• Eat really clean and make sure to cook your food very well.
• Enhance the diet with minerals and trace minerals
• Take Fat Soluble Vitamins
• Bile Salts – If you feel constipated but not if you have diarrhea.

It is recommended to do Healthy Ketogenic Diet and Intermittent Fasting before you attempt this.

Hey guys! Recently I had a question about gastric bypass someone is wondering if they should do it and I just wanted to explain what is the common gastric bypass is and some of the complications because some of the benefits that people hear about gastric bypass is that your diabetes clears up, you loose weight, etc. but the question is why can’t you do this without having to do with surgery. That is the big question. I think you can but for those people that already have those surgery we are gonna come up to the solutions to maybe some complications. But at least I wanna explain, what it is. So the most common type of gastric bypass is something called Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass. Where basically they are gonna take the stomach, put it in two sections and they are gonna reroute the plumbing or the small intestine. So here is the stomach right here and here is the small intestine and we have a lot of small intestine.
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