What Fruits To Avoid During Pregnancy – Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

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What Fruits To Avoid During Pregnancy – Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

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What Fruits To Avoid During Pregnancy

Getting pregnant often considered as a “miracle”. Pregnant women go through major changes in the body structure. It’s a nine-month long journey with morning sickness to hormone overproduction to stress. During pregnancy, it is so important to take care of yourself by adopting healthy diet plans which include high nutrient foods like fruits and vegetables. But the real question is can we eat all kind of fruits and vegetables during pregnancy? The quick answer is no! There are certain fruits and vegetables that can affect fetus well-being and can even lead to miscarriage.

Here is a list of top 6 fruits to avoid during pregnancy, I am sure number 1 will surprise you.

Granted grapes are highly nutrient food and some even consider them as a super food because it contains a high amount of vitamin A and C. But consuming them during pregnancy might put a negative effect. Grapes contain a compound called restorative which is believed to be toxic to pregnant women. Also, grapes skin is quite hard to digest which can lead to constipation. It is advised to avoid grapes during pregnancy.

Papaya Fruit
Papaya is a great fruit for your body as it is rich in vitamins and macronutrients. But during pregnancy first trimester it is advised to stay away from Papaya Fruit. Papaya is considered thermogenic food that can cause your body temperature to shoot up which is not good during pregnancy. It also contains a high amount of latex which aids in uterine contraction which can cause a miscarriage.

Dates are highly rich in fiber, vitamins, and essential nutrients and you must be surprised to see dates on the list of fruits to avoid during pregnancy. This high-calorie fruit is forbidden during pregnancy because dates are thermogenic food that can increase the body temperature. This heat can cause early uterine contractions. It is advised not to eat more than 2 dates in a day.

Watermelons are a great source to keep your body hydrated. It also helps to eliminate toxins and waste materials from the body. Everything sounds good but during pregnancy, it is advised to stay away from watermelons. There is a chance that your fetus might be exposed to toxic material during watermelon detox. On the other hand, watermelons are considered as cold inducing food which is not safe for pregnant women.
Frozen berries
It is so important to eat fresh food during pregnancy. Even though berries are considered as a superfood because they are full of nutrients. But frozen or dried berries lost their nutrients as well as their flavor. Consuming such fruits can be harmful to the fetus.
We all like this sweet yellow fruit. But do you know it is so important to avoid pineapple during pregnancy first trimester? It contains an enzyme called bromelain which can soften the cervix and cause uterine contractions and early labor. It is suggested to avoid pineapple during pregnancy.

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