Video: Adding Natural Remedies to First Aid Kits

natural remedies

If you’re putting together a solid first aid kit, you have to decide if that kit is going to have to perform in long-term survival settings. You can put together a decent kit or even consider one of our specially-designed kits, but what if a disaster turns out to be a long-term event that knocks you off the grid for months, maybe longer?

It’s pretty clear you’ll eventually run out of standard medicines and other supplies quickly, especially if you’re taking care of an extended family. That’s why it’s not only important to have more materials than you think you’d need for the group, but also have some natural remedies like essential oils, herbal teas, and maybe even a medicinal garden.

Here’s a video that discusses the topic in detail. It’s something you might want to consider if you believe some long-term disaster could one day affect

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