Update on ASEA, Protandim, and dōTERRA

I have written critiques of several dietary supplements sold through multilevel marketing (MLM) schemes, and they keep coming back to haunt me. I get testimonials from users who believe they have been cured of every ailment under the sun; and every time another study is done, I get e-mails from distributors who apparently think the new “evidence” will change my mind. Recently I received three more emails about ASEA, one about Protandim, and three about dōTERRA essential oils, asking me to reconsider. I thought this would be a good opportunity to explain why I have not changed my mind and to explain once again what constitutes evidence in science-based medicine.


Recently an email from “The ASEA Team” asked us to delete the article I wrote about ASEA in 2012,  based on their opinion that it “was not constructive” and “was not based on decent and verifiable facts.” They did

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