University Students Get Free Board in Exchange for Time Spent with Seniors

In October 2017, Western University embarked on a fascinating social experiment that involved placing three upper-year music students in a retirement living facility to interact with the senior residents, while sharing meals and living quarters. The concept behind this revolutionary program was to provide an “intergenerational opportunity for both young and old to learn from each other.”This is not the first example of post-secondary students living alongside seniors in a retirement residence; in 2008, two students at Quinnipiac University lived in an assisted living home in Wallingford, Connecticut for one year, providing care to residents for at least eight hours a week. Like the program at Western University, the intent of the Quinnipiac program was to break down the barriers and stigma of ageism, and for students to gain a better perspective of the senior community.Time Spent with Seniors Provides Many Intergenerational BenefitsWhile programs such as these are not commonplace

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