UK About to Legalize Cannabis? Parliament Decides This Week

By Heather CallaghanEditor

Last year, a UK mom illegally gave her son cannabis after doctors told them the boy had three days to live – he made a full recovery and lives today. Another UK woman cured her deadly brain tumor using oil made from cannabis after chemo failed, but her cure remains illegal. And only recently, the first UK person ever was prescribed cannabis oil containing THC, to reverse potentially fatal epilepsy. While all three stories are truly amazing, it is only the third one in which the patient was allowed the use of a minute amount of cannabis…and just barely.

Stories like these are inspiring the people of the UK to speak out for the right to use medical marijuana, and so have high-profile figures like Sting, Russell Brand and Sir Richard Branson. The issue is reaching the ears of Parliament this week.

RT reports:

The UK parliament will

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