Turpentine, the Fountain of Youth According to Dr. Jennifer Daniels

Read the label. It doesn’t list any health benefits. It says harmful or fatal if swallowed.

Turpentine is a solvent and a poison, but some people are drinking it as a medicine. Scott Gavura wrote about it 2 years ago  and concluded, “There’s no reason to consume turpentine and multiple reasons to avoid it completely, with the primary reason being that it’s a poison.”

Scott’s article mentioned an MD who advocates turpentine to cure the fake illness chronic Candida, and who had been stripped of her license. That MD was Jennifer Daniels. It would be bad enough if she only recommended it for Candida, but she also claims to have discovered that turpentine is the Fountain of Youth, a miracle cure that reverses disease and aging and is good for pretty much whatever ails you. That’s ludicrous.

The facts

The Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database (which I consider to be the most reliable

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