Too Many Too Soon? No!

The anti-vaccine movement is great at coming up with slogans, if nothing else. I think this stems mostly from the fact that fearmongering is easy. It’s easy to take a cheap shot at complicated technology, to oversimplify nuanced decisions about risk vs benefit, and to misrepresent scientific topics that go over the head of the average person.

One of the more successful marketing slogans of antivaxxers is, “Too Many, Too Soon.” The idea is that young children are being overwhelmed with too many vaccines over a short period of time. Their immature immune systems cannot handle the overload, which then makes them sick. We should be giving fewer vaccines spread out over a longer period of time, they argue.

This notion has good “gut appeal” and is easy to understand. As a result about 13% of parents use an alternative vaccine schedule, delaying or eliminating some vaccines. But the premise

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