This State Set the Record by Powering 6 Million Homes with Solar Energy

California is taking the lead on solar and renewable energy, requiring that 33 percent of electricity come from the sun and wind by 2020. This will up to 50 percent in 2050 in an effort to save resources and better the environment by reducing the need for fossil fuels. This was put into effect by California governor Jerry Brown, who signed the bill in 2015.  [1]

Due to a recent heatwave on July 12, 2016, the solar power plants across the state were able to produce a record 8,030 megawatts of electricity around 1:06pm. This is enough energy to power 6 million homes in the Golden (and most populous) state. This is double what was produced in May.

This is also nearly twice as much solar power as the state was able to produce just two years ago, and it doesn’t even include the small rooftop and solar arrays on private homes and businesses

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