The Six Month Dental Recall – Science or Legend?

“OK Mrs. Splanchnic, everything looks good. We’ll see you again in six months.” Dentists and dental hygienists all over the world repeat this phrase countless times each and every day. Sometimes however, our patients don’t get off so lucky; they will have to come back to have some procedure done – perhaps a filling, a crown, or (if they’re really unlucky) a toxic root canal. But if you are one of those people who have been told “see you in six months,” did you ever stop to consider why we say that to you? Why six months? Is it by coincidence or some grand design of nature it conveniently works out that 90% of people’s teeth just happen to get grungy enough to clean precisely at that six month mark? Are we just greedy and looking for ways to drag patients back in in order to fund the second Jacuzzi

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