The Newness of Awareness

Today, lets talk about overlays, how they work, what they are, how they energetically keep us trapped in a never ending loop cycle in our relationships; romantic and platonic.

Ready? Here we go!

First just some personal perspective

What I have been noticing is that when there are old unhealed wounds inside of our emotional bodies, we tend to project an overlay, a template for our wounding cycles and patterns onto those closest to us.

If we are in a healing cycle, this overlay tactic will not be fully launched until we have first made ourselves vulnerable then experienced a real or perceived wounding.

The real trap is how sneaky this template building can be. Perhaps at first we only feel the injustice of the moment, recover quickly, and simply assign the individual with a new outline, a shadow boundary we lay over our perspective of them.

This shadow, knowing its previous form and

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