The mineral that winds up your body clock—and your energy

If you’ve ever traveled internationally or worked a second or third-shift job, you know that when your biological clock is out of whack, your whole body suffers.

Diabetes, heart disease and weight gain have all been linked to a misaligned circadian rhythm. That’s because your body clock plays a role in your body’s most important functions, like sleeping, temperature regulation, hormone release, mood and metabolism.

Well, it turns out, in order for cells to keep the body clock running on-time, they need one essential mineral…

Research conducted by the University of Edinburgh and the MRC Laboratory for Molecular Biology in Cambridge found that magnesium levels in cells rise and fall in a daily cycle that creates the 24-hour clock in your cells and, consequently, in the your entire body.

Researchers studied the cells of humans, algae and fungi. And the result was the same for all three— magnesium keeps both humans…

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