The Military Detox

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If you’ve been in the military, you need to detox.

Everyone should detox to clean their bodies of everyday toxins, but if you’ve been in the military, this especially applies to you.

Agent Orange. Mustard gas. DDT. Anthrax. Thorium. Thallium. Aluminum. Barium. Lithium. Comtrails, Chemtrails. Vaccines. Bad food. Dirty water. Microorganisms. War chemicals.

You name it, and you’ve probably been exposed to it.

What’s the solution? Detox, detox, detox.

Keep It Simple

The first step to take when detoxing is to get a hair analysis. Detoxing is good to do at any time, but it is extremely effective when you KNOW what you’re detoxing.

Especially if nasty, undigested chemicals have been inside of you for a while.

The hair analysis is a great tool to explore what toxic elements may have deposited inside of your body. Actually, it’s the only tool that I know of to expose past toxic…

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