The Internet of Things (IoT) Intends to Transform Senior Care

In this day and age where innovative technology is a part of our everyday lives and there is an app for almost everything, should we consider integrating the “Internet of Things” within our senior care system?The Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to be a game changer for the healthcare industry – eldercare especially – by providing a proactive approach to caring for seniors. Close your eyes and imagine a senior care community that can:Access a current analysis of a patient’s blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen levels or any other medical data, specific to the patient and their conditionPrevent a fall or medication error before it occursShare information and interact with everyone in a patient’s circle of care in real timeRespond to a patient’s needs, such as playing calming music to combat anxiety, based on a barely-detectable increase in heart rateAccording to IoT and senior care experts, the Internet

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