The “Government Sold To Highest Bidder” Hoax

Good Old Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter is in the news lamenting the sold out government, as if he is unaware socialism always becomes a sellout ideology – not capitalism.

Who are the Bidders in the sellout? Let’s expose what Jimmy Carter HAS to know.

Meet Bidder #1:  The gov’t GIVES OUT $2 trillion a year, much of it printed or borrowed money, or created money they didn’t have to work for. They also provide TRILLIONS of dollars of revenue for big medicine, big pharma, big insurance, Wall Street, and big education, thus THEY can tell the industry recipients what to do with the money. PAYERS call the shots. Conversely, receivers – the voters and industry leaders – begin to act in a way to please the payers, hoping for more revenue and access to power.

The Second Highest Bidder
Who is the second highest bidder? The people and corporations gave an estimated $6B to…

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