The effort of integrative medicine advocates to co-opt the opioid crisis to claim non pharmacological treatments for pain as solely theirs continues apace

Leave it to integrative medicine advocates. No sooner do I discuss how they are co-opting the opioid crisis as a “rationale” for integrating quackery into medicine for the treatment of chronic pain than they serve up another example of just that tendency. I saw this example where I see a lot of examples of this sort of thing, on Twitter:

The Academic Consortium for Integrative Medicine’s @imconsortium white paper on #EvidenceBased #NonDrug approaches to pain is now available here: @Integrativeonc @IntegratCancer @DukeIM @IHITeam @integrativeonco

— Dr. Linda E. Carlson (@Linda_E_Carlson) January 23, 2018

OK, it was almost a week ago, but I usually only post on SBM once a week. In any event, what we have here is an example of one of the most powerful forces promoting the “integration” of pseudoscience and quackery into medicine continuing to do so by, yes, taking advantage of the opioid

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