The Effective Survival Medic


Nurse Amy

(This article first appeared in American Survival Guide, a great magazine for backcountry, short-term, or long-term survival. Each issue is so packed with great information, I can’t bear to let go of them!)

After water, food, and shelter, many consider personal defense to be the most important priority in a long-term disaster. They’ve got the beans and bullets, but what many of these rugged survivalists don’t realize, however, is this: You can have all the beans and bullets there are, but it won’t mean a hill of beans, and you’ll just shoot yourself in the foot, unless you have the bandages.

Few in your group will be accustomed to performing activities of daily survival like, say, chopping wood for fuel. This fact will lead to injuries, burns, infections, and other medical issues that must be treated. Someone, therefore, has to assume the role

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