The 2018 Flu Epidemic: Hives and other Influenza Related Nonsense

Unless you just woke from a coma, then you know that this is not an average flu season for the United States. In fact, it has actually been pretty rotten for a lot of people so far, with numerous reports of tragic deaths and of hospitals being inundated with patients seeking medical attention. Alabama has even declared a state of emergency to help deal with the surge in severely affected patients and overloaded healthcare facilities. But is the media’s flumaggedon frenzy a reasonable reaction?

Breaking down the season so far

The 2017-2018 flu season is certainly bad. Not 1918 Spanish flu pandemic bad, when 3-5% of the world population died as a result of the infection, but still pretty awful. It’s looking to be at least as bad as 2014-2015, the last severe (“moderately severe” per the CDC) season. But if the current pace of flu incidence and severity continues

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