Texas: Ground zero for the politicization of school vaccine mandates

One of the stereotypes that I hear from time to time from fellow skeptics that really irritates me is the stereotype of antivaxers and being primarily hippie-dippy, granola-crunching left wingers. Sure, there is an element of that in the antivaccine movement, but in reality, as I’ve said many times before, antivaccine pseudoscience and conspiracy beliefs transcend political boundaries, and, yes, it’s true that areas with a lot of affluent people on the coasts where the politics tends to lean heavily liberal, have suffered outbreaks of vaccine-preventable illnesses. However, there is also a very strong strain of antivaccine views on the right as well, including General Bert Stubblebine III’s Natural Solutions Foundation, far right libertarians, and others who distrust the government, including government-recommended vaccine schedules.

An excellent example of how antivaxers have successfully co-opted the political zeitgeist of the moment by latching on to conservative to libertarian political rhetoric is in

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