Tennessee Sheriff Humiliates Himself After Busting 21 Stores Selling CBD

By Brandon TurbevilleNatural Blaze

The United States currently maintains the largest incarcerated population in the world. It routinely sees armed men throw men, women and children to the ground, guns drawn, and subsequently thrown into cages over the possession of plants. The police state has ballooned and Americans have been terrorized for decades as a result.

But just when you think it couldn’t get any worse than the laws themselves, the Rutherford county sheriff’s office in Tennessee has stepped in to demonstrate that cops don’t need laws to conduct raids, make arrests and close businesses.

In fact, they don’t even need to know what they are arresting people for or what the offending substance may or may not do.

They may not even need to know what the substance is. In fact, at least when it comes to the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office, the Smyrna Police Department, Murfreesboro Police Department,

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