Survival Medicine Hour: Surviving Building Fires, Truths About Medical Preparedness, More

Survival Medicine Hour #370

surviving a building fire

12 people die in an apartment house fire in New York City, despite the presence of outdoor fire escapes on each floor. Winter is associated with the cold, but the heat from a fire is also part of it, as gas leaks and frayed electrical heating wires combust and cause major damage. Dr. Alton discusses 6 important things to know about the behavior of fire, and just what to do to get out of that burning building alive.

medical preparedness

Plus, many folks are well-prepared with regards to extra food and water, but relatively few are medically prepared. Why are the Altons still just starting to get people involved in putting together medical supplies. They make their case for being medically prepared in this episode.

All this plus updates on the California wildfires, and a welcome to radio station KYAH

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