Survival Medicine Hour: Pregnancy, Labor and Delivery Off The Grid

Survival Medicine Hour #378

Birthing a Baby Off The Grid

It may not be the wisest move to be fruitful and multiply in the early going after a disaster. You need all your people at 110% efficiency, and that isn’t part of the deal with pregnancy, with all that fatigue, discomfort, nausea, and other symptoms. The best plans of mice and men often go awry, however, and you might find yourself taking care of a pregnancy and, eventually, delivering a baby.

Old Dr. Bones, retired obstetrician, and Nurse Amy, retired nurse-midwife, give you their perspectives on how to make labor and delivery manageable and result in a healthy baby and healthy mother. There’s more to it that we can fit in a one hour podcast, but you’ll learn a lot I’ll bet your didn’t know!

All this and more on the latest Survival Medicine Hour with Joe Alton MD

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