Survival Medicine Hour: Family Planning, Anxiety and Depression Off The Grid

You’ve heard “Be Fruitful and Multiply”, but in the early aftermath of a major long-term disaster, getting your women pregnant and having babies might be problematic when your garden isn’t doing so well and you need every person at 110% efficiency. But how to prevent pregnancy when IUDs, Birth Control Pills, and other high tech methods aren’t available. Joe and Amy Alton, aka Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy, tell you what you need to know about natural family planning.

Anxiety and depression are part and parcel of long-term survival

Plus, your may associate a long-term disaster with a lot of gunfights at the OK corral, but you’re much more likely to deal with anxiety and depression than bullet wounds (we hope). Find out Dr. Alton’s thought about the subject as he answers a question from a listener of the Survival Podcast as part of good friend Jack Spirko’s

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