Survival Medicine Hour: Disaster Supplies, Vehicular Terror, Pain Relief

Survival Medicine Hour #362

vehicular terror

The NYC attack, which occurred very close to our daughter’s workplace, killed 8 and injured a dozen more. More and more, terriorists are using vehicles to cause mayhem. What are some ways that you might be able to use rapid action to avoid losing your life in such an incident. Joe and Amy Alton discuss some options that might save some lives in these uncertain times.

Also, disasters seem to always be in the news, but are people spending enough time getting supplies to get through tough times? Some important tips from Nurse Amy on what you need to have in your storage closet or “GO” bag before a disaster occurs.

pain relief

Plus, our hosts discussed the mechanisms of pain last week, but what should you have in your survival medicine cabinet to deal with the inevitable pain and inflammation that

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