Stop Bleeding in 10 Seconds with This Common Spice!

If you are a parent of small children, you surely often find yourself in a situation to find a way and quickly stop the bleeding of their cuts.

Well, cayenne pepper is the most effective method to stop the bleeding of an open wound, and it even works in the case of deep cuts.

eHow provides an explanation of its effectiveness:

“Long hailed as a miracle-working substance, cayenne pepper can stop bleeding in less than one minute under most circumstances. The reason it works is because cayenne pepper reacts with the body to equalize the blood pressure, meaning an extra gushing of pressure will not be concentrated in the wound area as it normally is. Blood will quickly clot when the pressure is equalized.”

Namely, it regulates blood pressure and thus supports blood clotting. You can apply it topically or you can take it orally.

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