Scientists Blast FDA, Warn That a Ban on Kratom Would Cause More Opioid Deaths

While the FDA pushes for a kratom ban a group of scientists argues that if kratom is labeled as a Schedule I drug, opioid-overdose deaths will only continue to rise.

The United States Food and Drug Administration ramped up its “War on Kratom” this week by labeling the natural herb as an opioid, and a group of scientists is stepping up to vouch for kratom’s safety, and to argue that banning it would only lead to more opioid-related deaths.

In a statement, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb warned that there is even stronger evidence of kratom compounds’ opioid properties.” He claimed that there is evidence of 36 deaths related to kratom, but that “many of the cases received could not be fully assessed because of limited information provided.”

In response, a group of scientists came together to send a letter to the acting administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration, Robert Patterson; and the counselor to the president

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