Rhodiola — A Powerful Adaptogen That Boosts Vitality and Performance, Eases Depression and Combats Burnout

By Dr. Mercola

The perennial plant rhodiola rosea, sometimes called “golden root,” “roseroot” or “arctic root,” is a powerful adaptogen known to enhance vitality by helping your body adapt to physical, chemical and environmental stress. In other words, it helps your body maintain homeostasis. The plant has a long history of use in traditional folk medicine in Russia and Scandinavian countries,1 and modern science has shown rhodiola:2,3,4,5,6,7

Has antidepressant and antianxiety benefits8 and helps improve symptoms of burnout

Enhances cognitive function, improving mental clarity, thought formation and focus

Helps modulate immune function (raising low immune function and reducing overactive function)

Enhances nervous system health

Enhances cardiovascular health

Improves male and female sexual functioning, reproductive health and fertility

Improves blood sugar control in diabetics when combined with cinnamon

Has anticancer benefits

Helps protect against viral infections9

Enhances athletic performance and shortens recovery time between workouts

Exercise Benefits of Rhodiola

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