“Raw water”: The latest dangerous “natural health” fad

As an old year fades into its final days and a new year approaches, I always wonder what new quackery will make an appearance in the new year. I know, of course, that all the old quackeries, cancer quackery, antivaccine pseudoscience, homeopathy, naturopathy, reflexology, and the huge number of other variations on self-deception will still be there. I also know that, when it comes to pseudoscience, there is rarely anything truly new under the sun, but I do like to contemplate what previously neglected bit of nonsense will come to prominence in the new year.

Thanks to the New York Times the other day, I might know. It’s variant of many forms of pseudoscience based on the naturalistic fallacy (i.e., that if it’s “natural” it must be better, safer, and healthier, and that many of humanity’s health most intractable health issues are due to the products of modernity, such as

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