Raw Milk and Dairy Products – Mark McAfee (July 2019)

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“Raw Milk and Dairy Products” is the presentation shared by Mark McAfee at the July 18, 2019 meeting of the Silicon Valley Health Institute in Palo Alto, CA.

“Raw Milk and Dairy Products” by Mark McAfee
After 100 years of processor and political oppression raw milk is emerging as a consumer favorite. Raw milk provides all the immune system elements that are lost in processing and no longer found in the Standard American Diet. Today raw milk is safe (ultra-low risk) and no longer a gamble. Rapid testing technologies (BAX PCR RT) allow for Test & Hold so that farmers and consumers know what is in the milk before it is sold. Look for the Raw Milk Institute “gold standard of safety and the Test & Hold logo” on organic raw milk sold in California.

Raw milk is the first food of life and unlike processed milks does not trigger allergies and is actually really good to treat allergies and asthma. Raw milk is not associated with lactose intolerance and is easily digested by nearly everyone! Raw milk is a whole and complete food! Think of all the medical and health benefits found in human breast milk. Most all those same beneficial elements are found in raw milk bioavailable and unchanged.
Founder CEO of Organic Pastures Dairy Company, a leading brand of organic dairy products in the USA, serving 600 stores in CA and more than 3500 stores nationally and in Canada with certified organic pasture grazed raw dairy and cheese products. Founder and Chairman of Raw Milk Institute. Director and VP of California Dairy Campaign, Director at California Farmers Union and delegate to National Farmers Union. Founding board member of the Rodale Institute sponsored “Organic Farmers Association” Policy Committee. Spoken nationally and internationally at conferences and Universities including: UCLA, UBC, UVIC, Rutgers, USC, CSUF, UC Santa Barbara, and Stanford Medical School on raw milk food safety and production methods. Lecturer on the medical benefits, gut BIOME and genomic effects of raw unprocessed dairy products. Founder “Farmers over Pharmacies” PODCAST and You Tube series.

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