Pokemon Go Reported to Help Players with Depression

Since Pokemon Go was released this month, it has had some surprising impacts on its millions of users, including offering benefits for players who suffer from mental health conditions.

Users have taken to social media to report unexpected improvements in depression and anxiety since downloading the game, which requires the player (or “trainer) to go outside and walk, often for hours at a time, to ‘catch’ virtual Pokemon. Walking is an activity which is commonly a struggle for people with depression or anxiety to achieve for even a few minutes.

A few tweets from some users read as follows:

“PokemonGo has already been a better treatment for my depression than anything my doctor prescribed or therapist recommended.”

“Took another 4 mile walk and talked to 4 people along the way. PokemonGo may solve obesity and social anxiety in one app.”

“PokemonGO is gunna cure my social anxiety. Everyone has been so nice. People

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