Nauturopathic Approach to Oral Health & Chronic Disease – Josh Donaldson, N.D. (July 2019)

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“Addressing the Root Cause: Nauturopathic Approach to Oral Health & Chronic Disease” is the presentation shared by Josh Donaldson, N.D. at the July 18, 2019 meeting of the Silicon Valley Health Institute in Palo Alto, CA.

No part of the body can be viewed in isolation. The teeth are intimately connected with many other systems, and there is feedback between the teeth/ mouth and the rest of the body. For example each tooth is on an acupuncture meridian and a tooth ailment can affect distant parts of the body. The mouth epithelium is a protective barrier, but substances can break through this barrier. Gingivitis and gingival inflammation can contribute to widespread inflammation and play a role in many chronic diseases. Oral infections are thought to play a role in rheumatoid arthritis and other diseases such as cardiovascular disease.

Dr. Josh Donaldson obtained his doctorate (N.D.) from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, OR in 2004. This was followed by a post-doctoral research fellowship as a Clinical Research Nutritionist at the Rath Research Institute and then a 1-year private residency in pain management & rehabilitation.

Since then, he has been in private practice for 13 years and is the founder & medical director of the Longevity Medical Institute in Los Gatos, CA where he specializes in IV Therapy, Ozone Therapy & Regenerative Medicine for chronic disease, anti-aging & pain.
In addition, Dr. Donaldson has served as an Adjunct Professor at local Community Colleges & Universities in the Bay Area since 2006 and has been a guest speaker on various topics at medical conferences throughout the US.
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