Naturopathic Edumacation: A FAQ

Greek Wack A Mole.

There is reality and there is perception. Perception usually wins. In trying to win the hearts and minds, pseudo-medicine and pseudo-medicine is slowly gaining ground

Integrative medicine programs are proliferating in US hospitals, offering everything from acupuncture to reiki to reflexology to homeopathy. The axial rotation of Flexner accelerates.

Naturopathy is growing, unlike the science to support it and other pseudo-sciences.

Sixteen states and four provinces allow the practice of naturopathic medicine: Alaska, Arizona, British Columbia, California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Manitoba, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Ontario, Oregon, Saskatchewan, Utah, Vermont, and Washington.

Why is there the medical equivalent of astrologists at NASA? Partly it is PR. Pseudo-medical providers have a simple and appealing message that they repeat. And repeat. And repeat. Repeat a message enough times and people think it is true. That the message skates up to the edge

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