Natural Ways to Lose Weight And Reduce Up To 10 kg In A Month

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Natural Ways to Lose weight and reduce up to 10 kg in a month
Many of us simply don’t have enough time to stick to a healthy diet plan or spend an hour in a gym. So it seems impossible to lose 10 kg in one month without starving yourself. But you can actually lose 10 kg if you are fully motivated and willing to make small changes in your lifestyle. According to a research around 30% of men and women are obese or overweight in the US. There are many reasons to lose weight as not only it will improve your body image but also you can save yourself from many diseases like stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, and kidney failure. Scary!

By adopting small changes in your daily routine you can easily reduce 10 kg in a month.

Increase water intake.
Drinking plenty of water will improve your bowel movements and eliminate toxins from the body. Just half a liter of water will increase your calories burning process by 25% for an hour. Drink water before taking your meals as it will suppress your appetite so you eat less. Add lemon juice to water as lemon water will boost your metabolism and help you to burn fat quickly.

Eat More Fruits and Vegetables
Fruits and vegetables are great for your health and help you lose weight. They are high in nutrients, fibers, and water but low in calories. So you can eat plenty of fruits and vegetables without consuming too many calories. You will feel fuller and stop craving for junk foods.

Poor Sleep can increase your waistline.
Do you know human body needs 8-9 hours of sound sleep every night? Lack of sleep can cause Hormonal Imbalance in your body making you feel hungry. Sleep Deprivation will affect your body to generate more insulin causing you to pack on more fats. Sleeping full 9 hours will increase you’re physically energy and you have extra power to perform your daily tasks rather quickly burn extra calories in the process.


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