Masturbation+ Ayurveda= Healing and Wellness

How many of us are masturbating because we are frustratingly unfulfilled sexually, bored with faded memories of passion, distracted with porn, or using orgasm just to fall asleep quicker? Hasta maithuna (masturbation), like all natural urges, should not be suppressed, according to Ayurveda.

However, over-indulgence in masturbation in combination with unhealthy aspects of our personality can become a cause of increased suffering; over a lifetime masturbation can be a leaky faucet through which our limited Ojas (life force essence), and our mental-emotional and physical resources, can drain.

Positive Masturbation

While there is almost universal historical disparagement of masturbation among world religions, modern scientific evidence defines masturbation as healthy erotic self-pleasuring. Masturbation has received positive and negative tides of opinion across cultures through time, illustrating that we commonly feel the presence of naturally inherent contradictions in this deeply personal act of mental fantasy…

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