Make Stretch Marks Disappear With These Easy Steps

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You certainly suffer or have suffered from this, and probably knows someone with those famous white stripes on the skin.

Anyone who has suffered from that knows how unpleasant it is to find stretch marks on your body!

On your butt, breasts, legs, belly, and even on the arms, they can appear because of an excessive stretching of the skin.

Many times, it is caused by growth or quick weight gain, being common during adolescence and pregnancy.

To avoid them, it is necessary to keep your skin moisturized. The best options are moisturizers or oils made of urea, grape seed, and almond, always after your bath.

As soon as the first marks show up, it is good to visit a dermatologist or start using some powerful homemade recipes to treat stretch marks at home:

Almond Oil and Coconut Oil
Castor oil
Aloe vera gel

But, before trying any of these recipes, it is important to exfoliate your skin, so that the natural medicines can act quickly and better.

In this case, we will also teach you how to make a natural exfoliation with sugar. Sugar will eliminate the dead skin, and will also treat the damaged skin.

Write down the ingredients:
1 tablespoon of sugar;
1 tablespoon of almond oil or organic, extra virgin coconut oil;

Mix the ingredients and rub very gently on the affected areas. Let it act for 15 minutes, and rinse. Do it up to 2 times a week to get better results.


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