Lower Risk of Chronic Illness and Cognitive Decline by Going Keto

By Anna Hunt

One of the fastest ways to lose weight and improve your health is by eating foods that induce the body’s state of nutritional ketosis. When this occurs, the body burns fat instead of sugar as its may source of energy, as well as producing beneficial ketone bodies. To reap the benefits of going keto, you can follow a simple formula of a ketogenic diet.

What is a Ketogenic Diet?

More people are realizing that dietary changes can have a profound impact on their health. Many proponents of healthy eating believe that diet alone can cure diseases like diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure. It definitely reduces your chances of having a chronic illness.

Where Big Pharma focuses on offering life-long treatments for chronic diseases, the goal of healthy nutrition is to reestablish balance in the body, thus eliminating disease. Many anecdotal stories have shown that making smart

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