Late Life Job Hunting

What happens if you suddenly find yourself without a job late in your career? As the expected retirement age in the U.S. increases each year, many people are finding themselves in this position. Learn more about late life job hunting and ways to make your age an asset.In Good Company: Late Life Job HuntingFour years ago, Pat Douglass suddenly found herself out of a job as a human resources manager, but still working as a “human manager.” She was a long-distance caregiver for her ailing mother, who lived 3,000 miles away in New Jersey.Douglass moved her mom to Southern California to live with her. Finding a full-time job proved daunting. So, Douglass started her own part-time consulting business out of the house, with the knowledge that she would not always be a caregiver and would want to return to full-time work someday.Getting a job is tough; but getting a job…

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