Kratom: Let’s Flood the Phone Lines on Capitol Hill!

Kratom Warriors:

First let me say “thank you” to everyone who has called their member of Congress this week and asked them to support the Pocan/LoBiondo “Dear Colleague” letter.  Your actions have helped us build an impressive list of supporters.  


But we need one more push!

It’s time to flood the phone lines on Capitol Hill!

Our team in D.C. has informed us that the FDA has engaged in a full blitz to demonize kratom on the Hill.  They continue to blanket Congressional offices with the same misinformation they fed to the public – and they are telling lie after lie that kratom kills people.  

As we’ve said for months – it’s clear that the FDA wants to ban kratom.  The FDA wants to strip us of our freedom to make our own choices about our health and well-being.

If you

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