Junk Science: Naturally Occurring Amino Acid In The Body Causes Cancer

By Marco Torres

Every once in while scientists will target a random nutrient with bizarre claims that it is cancer causing. This one happens to be found in asparagus, nuts and seafood. Oh, and it also naturally occurs in the human body.

We are littered with junk science on a daily basis. Whether it’s pesticide grown foods having more vitamins or hot dogs being free of carcinogenic compounds, scientific studies are rarely at a loss these days to promote the absurd.

In an apparent attempt to taint the remaining vegetables that haven’t been Daily Mail-ized, some of the popular media has turned against asparagus over the last few days. It turns out, asparagus gives you breast cancer! For once, some of the media also started fighting back, in an attempt to explain why the winter vegetable is not, in fact, a danger to anyone’s health.

Other studies clearly show that

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