It doesn’t have to hurt: Strategies to reduce vaccine pain

When it comes to the pain of vaccines, there are strategies that work.

A few weeks ago I blogged about the roots anti-vaccine sentiment and their correlation with different attitudes. While the paper (and much of my post) focused on the correlation between those that hold anti-vaccine views and the belief in conspiracy theories, the researchers also looked at forms of “disgust” which included the very idea of injections themselves. In that paper, the authors noted:

According to the model of attitude roots, (sub)clinical fears and phobias can underpin some antiscience beliefs. For example, some people have heightened disgust reactions to needles, hospitals and blood. People who experience these heightened disgust reactions might be tempted to develop a set of attitudes that gives them permission to avoid the triggers for their disgust; for example a rejection of techno-medical interventions, and a skepticism or hesitancy toward immunizations.


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