Is Medical Science On The Level With Its Findings And Healthcare Consumers?

By Catherine J. Frompovich

What would you think about someone when you found out seventy percent, or more, of what he/she told you were not factual? How would you feel; would you continue to associate with them? Personally, I categorically can say I would walk away from them while hoping they could find their true bearings as responsible, upright human beings.

How would you regard a professional person—an accountant, a lawyer, even a “man of the cloth”—who would engage in such shady practices? Would you trust your finances, legal problems or your spiritual development with such a character?

Then why does the American consumer, in particular, fall “hook, line and sinker” for pseudoscience and technology—especially pharmaceuticals—as if they were the new “true religion” when most of their information is proven bogus and harms human health?

Bogus! Yes, bogus. Need proof?

Well, for starters, PLOS/One published an article in May

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