Is cancer the real reason to cut carbs?

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There is some pretty strong medical evidence that your body has a master mediator. A hormone actually. When it’s balanced you experience good health. But when it’s not, your body is ripe for disease.

The one disease everyone most closely associates with this hormone is diabetes. Type 2 diabetes can develop when your body experiences an onslaught of blood sugar spikes over and over and over, until finally your pancreas can’t keep up. It can’t produce balanced amounts of insulin to keep you safe.

But the truth is — an insulin imbalance can lead to a litany of chronic illness, even cancer — in people without any indication of diabetes.

Case in point…

Carbohydrates are notorious for spiking your blood sugar levels. If we were discussing diets — primarily for weight loss — there would be a lot of information to bring up, some of it conflicting, about carbohydrates.…

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